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Clay began his real estate career early by earning his NC Broker’s License while pursuing his Finance Degree at East Carolina University. Prior to graduation, he started as an analyst with Austin Banks Real Estate in Charlotte. During his tenure there he has been instrumental in facilitating over $750MM in acquisitions across the Southeast while consistently meeting or exceeding required returns for all clients of the firm. This experience allows him to see the immense value in an efficient and effective team working together to perform at a high level.


Through these acquisitions of existing homes, build-to-rent subdivisions, and thorough market research, Clay has developed a logical and analytical mindset that has advanced his real estate career exponentially. He uses a conservative underwriting approach to identify cash flowing assets with value-add potential ensuring that returns are met through implementation of the business plan. He is passionate about helping others achieve their financial goals through multifamily investing and creating passive income for investors throughout the life of the investment. 


Clay lives in Austin, TX and enjoys fly-fishing and mountain biking.

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