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Current Assets

Cortland Copperleaf--Front.jpg

Cortland Copperleaf

240 Units
, TX

We are proud to have partnered with Lone Star Capital in May 2024 on this A-Class apartment complex in the fast-growing Houston market.  We, along with our investors, will enjoy stable cash flow during the hold period.  Then we'll all share in the significant increase in the property value when we exit the property, projected to be in five years.

Stoneleigh Apartments

200 Units

Dallas, TX

Shining Rock Equity is thrilled to have partnered on 200 units in November 2023 in the Dallas market.  This is a high-quality project that will include updating the exterior, amenities and interior upfits to all units.  We had an overwhelming response from our investors who are excited about the excellent risk-adjusted returns offered by this lucrative value-add opportunity.


Kemper Ambassador Portfolio

186 Units

Shaker Heights, Ohio

Shining Rock Equity partnered with Pero Real Estate and Open Doors Capital in June 2023 on the Kemper Ambassador Portfolio in Shaker Heights, Ohio (Cleveland). The business plan includes repositioning the 186 unit properties from C to B class over the course of 4 years before refi or sale in year 5.

BryerWood Apartments,

now Southern Tier Village Apartments

114 Units

Jamestown, NY

Shining Rock Equity and Height Capital partnered with Pero Real Estate and Open Doors Capital in March 2023 on this 114 unit apartment property in Jamestown, NY. This property has had positive cash flow since day one. We implemented a value-add strategy to improve the property, increase occupancy and generate great returns for our investors. It is off to a great start and is achieving higher rents than forecast due to our conservative underwriting model.


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